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Texel to participate in the Localization World London June 12-14

Texel Localization will take part in the Localization world summit that will take place next month in London. The conference will focus on the current localization issues such as content strategy and management, methodology, mobile content global localization and many more.
Texel will be present in Booth 7, and we hope to see you there. localizationworld.com

Are you following us on Linkedin?

Another way to get in touch with Texel Localization and its team members is to joins us at LinkedIn. Either get in touch with any of the Texel team to join his network or just follow our company page. Feel free to contact us on any issue including project quotes. If you prefer Email, drop us a note at info@txl.co.il.
Just type Texel Localization in the search window in LinkedIn or follow this link: linkedin.com/company/2195682

About Us

Texel Localization is a pioneering localization company, focused on providing localization services - for the Hebrew and Arabic languages.

Since 1994 our team is providing localization services to clients who introduce software and hardware products to the Hebrew and the Arabic-speaking markets.

A well-balanced in-house team, highly experienced in localization and all related services, allows Texel to become the leading localization partner in the Middle East.

We are leveraging our experience and our in-house team to introduce a great combination of high-end quality with a deep understanding of the localization process - not only as a translation task but rather as a part of a greater effort to improve the customer experience, driving product and company brands and as a channel of communication.

Focusing on localization tasks and related services, Texel is able to offer a one-stop shop for all localization related activities. Our in-house team, as well as a long term network of language partners, allow us to provide all that is required for a successful local presence - localization, translation, DTP, engineering, production, training and other multilingual software localization related services.

Fields of expertise:

  • Software and Hardware
  • User Assistance and documentation
  • Life sciences
  • Automotive
  • High-tech vendors and consumer items
  • Web based services and content
  • Mobile

How do you say Porsche in Hebrew?

The next time you will be shopping for Porsche, take a look on the documentation. Texel was chosen to provide the localization for the luxury car manufacturer, but unfortunately they have declined our request to have an extensive 2 week drive test in order to make sure that we have done the work right.

IOS localized by Texel into Hebrew

Texel localization was chosen to take part in the ongoing extensive localization effort of the widely popular Apple operating system. The project is an ongoing localization of both Web and mobile content, thus challenging Texel team to make sure that the content present to the users adhere to the device and the context required.