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The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a fully representative, non-profit, international industry association for the translation, internationalization, localization, and globalization industry. The association gives members a common forum to discuss issues, create innovative solutions, promote the industry, and present a joint - and more powerful - voice within the industry and to the outside community.
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STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication. It is the largest organization of its type in the world. Its 14,000 members include technical writers and editors, content developers, documentation specialists, technical illustrators, instructional designers, academics, information architects, usability and human factors professionals, visual designers, Web designers and developers, and translators - anyone whose work makes technical information available to those who need it.
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LISA is the leading international forum for organizations doing business globally. It has distilled the right ways and wrong ways of supporting international customers, products and services over the last fifteen years from more than 500 corporate members, public & private institutions, government ministries and trade organizations. You can now leverage this invaluable expertise - available nowhere else - in the form of clear guidelines, best practice and standards to enable your organization to deliver on its international objectives.

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Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the primary organization facilitating trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli companies.
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The Israeli Industry Center for R&D is the coordinator of industrial R&D cooperation between Israel and the international Hi-Tech community, and the principal technology clearinghouse in Israel.
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Israel Life Science Industry

ILSI is a non-profit registered corporation, representing the mutual goals of the Israeli life science community. Its mission is to research, develop and advocate policies and actions that promote medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and Ag-Biotech in the State of Israel and increase awareness of its strength and innovation worldwide.
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