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Our Partners

PASS Engineering

PASS Engineering is a leading provider of visual localization tools and technologies. Enterprises across the globe benefit from the quality, consistency and reliability of PASS's localization technologies.

Providing comprehensive support for all the major development and localization platforms, including Windows, Java, .NET, Palm OS, XML/XLIFF, and Borland VCL, PASS Engineering is widely recognized as a technological leader in software localization.



Obelis European Authorized Representative Center (OEARC), based in Brussels Belgium since 1988, is a quality-driven (ISO Certified), service-oriented company assisting non-European and non-US device manufacturers' successful endeavors into Europe and the United States. Services include integrated regulatory solutions for MDD 93/42/EEC, IVD 98/79/EC, PPE 89/686/EEC, MD 98/37/EC,LVD 73/23/EC, EMC 89/336/EEC and Cosmetic 78/768/EEC European Directives.

Obelis' robust compliance network operates in Brazil, China, Canada, USA, Israel, India, Australia, and Malaysia, offering language compliance solutions and superior international representation. Manufacturers finally have "One Global Solution" for their regulatory needs and new market penetration.


CE Marketing Consultancyprovides

CE Marketing Consultancyprovides coordinated European and American regulatory and quality strategic planning, guidance and implementation from design and development through to market launch, including all regulatory documentation and submissions, for medical device companies worldwide. Their clients include manufacturers of high risk products such as pacemakers and catheters.


Opticentre is the world's first true facilitator of optimized hosted workflow to enable enterprise clients to add velocity, enhance quality, slash costs and realize simship on their global release processes. Employing combinations of the smartest programmers, language and workflow technology experts and best-of-breed standards tools and technologies such as Idiom, PASSOLO and Heartsome, Opticentre enables the customer to benefit from and control future proof globalization solutions now - without the capital investment, change management and other issues which normally delay such ideals.

CGP Europe

CGP Europe, established in 1991, has mainly specialized in high tech companies. Now we offer any company, start up or well established, the benefit of an attractive package managed by a team of multilingual Public Relations Specialists located in one central office in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. The company’s unique and competitive approach allows you to select your European target markets and work directly with CGP’s Centralized European Team, each of whom is dedicated to their own geographical territory based on their linguistic skills.
Part of an international Network of PR Agencies, CGP Europe also has close relations with companies offering complementary services such as: business developmet, EU lobbying, advertising, venture capital, investor relations, web marketing, human resources and much more…
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