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Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

Software Localization is the process of modifying a software product so that it conforms to the norms of a specific country or locale, including cultural norms and language.

TEXEL Localization provides a full range of services required to perform a full Hebrew localization. Our expertise is also leveraged to offer our clients a wide variety of other localization related services.

Software Localization

Hebrew localization of software products has its share of complex issues. Our localization team has gain a valuable experience in software localization of different products platforms and product scales.

  • User Interface localization - including string table translation, interface adaptation (mirroring, enabling, resizing), resource compilation and functional testing.
  • User assistance localization - online help translation and adaptation, help compilation (RTF or HTML based)
  • Software product testing - proofreading, cross platform functional testing, BiDi functionality testing.

Documentation and production services

TEXEL documentation team provides all documentation and production related services, allowing you to present a consistent and timely product user assistance with all marketing collateral.

  • User manual creation - translation, DTP, production
  • Marketing collateral - brochures, spec-sheets, posters, training aids
  • Copy writing - training and marketing documentation, presentations
  • Copy editing - all written materiel, web content
  • Production services - DTP, pre-print, films, CD production, packages

Website Translation and Localization

Localization of your products means localization of your web presence as well. As with software or documentation, a simple translation based on pre-designed template, may not satisfy the needs of your audience who is already used to Hebrew or Arabic online presentation.

  • Content translation and localization - adjustment of the "look and feel" in terms of "voice", visuals, examples and context references
  • Web-design adaptation- Reading Order, Site mirroring


Localization project, by its nature, provide localizers with a in-depth view on the functionality and features of the localized products. This exposure provides our team with invaluable experience that may be transferred to tech-support and product users.

  • FAQ list compilation
  • Training and support
  • Training materiel creation
  • Marketing and pre-sale presentations and demonstrations


Our translators provide quality translation (Hebrew/Arabic to English, English to Hebrew/Arabic) in the following fields:

  • Software
  • User manuals (software, electronic devices and appliances)
  • Engineering documentation
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Project management Documentation
  • Marketing collateral

Technical writing

  • Specs
  • SOW's
  • Proposals and bids
  • MIL-STD documentation
  • User assistance
  • Design documentation
  • QA plans and scenarios

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